Church Persecution


Maria Reveals The Fourth Sign

Maria Explains The Apocalypse


Remain, all of you, in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, and you will find your peace and interior serenity.

My beloved sons, the storm which I foretold at Fatima has now unleashed its fury for the purification of the Church and all the world.

This is the hour of the Father’s mercy which, through the love of the Son’s divine Heart, is made manifest at the moment when everyone’s suffering is at its greatest.

The fourth sign, which indicates to you that the culminating period of the Church’s painful purification has come, is persecution.

The Church is in fact being persecuted in various ways.

She is being persecuted by the world in which she lives and journeys, pointing out to all the way to salvation.

The real enemies of God are those who set themselves deliberately against God, in order to lead all humanity to live without Him; it is they who are persecuting the Church more and more.

Sometimes she is persecuted in an open and violent manner; she is despoiled of everything and prevented from preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

But in these times, the Church is often subjected to an even greater ordeal; she is persecuted in a subtle and painless manner, by being deprived bit by bit of the oxygen which she needs to live.

Then an attempt is made to bring her to compromise with the spirit of the world, which thus enters into her and affects and paralyzes her vitality.

Collaboration is often brought about through a most subtle form of persecution; an outward show of respect for her has become the surest way to strike her.

A new technique has been discovered by which she can be put to death with no outcry and without shedding blood.

The Church is being persecuted also from within, especially at the hands of those sons of hers who have reached a compromise with her Adversary.

He has succeeded in seducing even some of her very pastors.

Some of these are even knowingly collaborating in this plan of interior and hidden persecution of my Church.

My beloved sons are being called to the trial of finding themselves sometimes obstructed, pushed aside and persecuted by some of their own confreres, while those who are unfaithful have free scope for their action.

The same hours of suffering that my Son Jesus lived through are awaiting you too, beloved sons: the hours of Gethsemane, when He experienced the interior agony of being abandoned, betrayed and denied by his own…

If this is the road trodden by the Master, it is also the road which you too must tread, you his faithful disciples, as the purification of the entire Church becomes more painful.

Have confidence, beloved sons, apostles of my Immaculate Heart!

No other trial will serve so much to bring about the complete renewal of the Church as this interior persecution.

In fact she will emerge from this suffering purer, more humble, more enlightened, stronger.

You must be ready to suffer more and more, the closer the final moment of purification comes. And so I have wished to prepare a safe refuge for you.

In my Immaculate Heart you will be consoled and formed in the virtue of fortitude, as you become more and more aware of the presence of your heavenly Mother at your side.

She will gather up all your sufferings, as beneath the Cross she did those of Jesus, because she must now carry out once again for the Church her maternal function as Co-Redemptrix, and lead back to the Father all the children who have gone astray.”


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