The Spirit Of The Lord Is Moving




Amanda Grace starts the video with an exhortation in both English and an unknown language under the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit’s Charism of Tongues.

(01) Fear not My Children . . . fear not . . . do not fall into trouble and woe right now.

(02) You are in the midst of a battle for the Soul of America.

(03) Do not think the battle is over. Do not deceive yourselves.

(04) I laugh at the wicked . . . I shall raise my fist against the wicked. I am going into

the deepest, darkest parts of America.

(05) I have seen the deepest parts of America, and I am angry with them.

(06) I will frustrate the wicked as they attempt prematurely to blend

America and The Antichrist.

(07) The spirit of The Antichrist and lawlessness is swirling around and circling America.

(08) I have sent forth My Army into those areas to fight and battle for the Will of God.

(09) I will demonstrate My Might in America right now.

(10) The wicked want to put Me on a timeline. How they dare! My timeline is My ways.

(11) I need you to put on the hole Armor of God.

(12) I need you to choose this day whom you will serve.

(13) The Remnant are not only going to stand but be endowed with an anointed power.

(14) They will leave the wicked shaking and quaking.

(15) It is about control right now, and a power struggle is not over.

(16) Evil is advancing and I do nothing before revealing my secrets first to the prophets.

(17) The Remnant will rise up in boldness and authority I have bestowed upon them.

(18) Call on Me My Remnant right now for you have a power that I have given you under

the authority of Christ so nothing shall by any means hurt you.

(19) My Children I have not forsaken you, and I have not willed the wicked to rule.

(20) There are those that know who have not been anointed to rule.

(21) They are leading in a counterfeit authority that I did not give them.

(22) I am allowing this for a time only to ratify in My People, in the Church and

in this country.

(23) I will expose the most wicked, vile, and disturbing of what has been hidden

in America.

(24) There will be no way to deny the blood on their hands, in their possessions and

in Washington DC.

(25) I, the Lord, have decreed this day that was hidden must come out in the open.

(26) When I, the Lord, commanded the principalities shake, and the demons quake.

(27) Those that are taking entitlements from Iran, China and countries in Europe

will be exposed.

(28) It shall be exposed taking entitlements from those that want to blow Israel

and America off the map.

(29) It will exposed those who are in contracts with them.

(30) It will be exposed those who are being backmailed by them.

(31) It will be exposed those who have chosen to do business with those in the world

that hate God and America.

(32) I, the Lord, still have a covenant with America, the Eagle.

(33) Although they attempted to chain, oppress and infect the Eagle, I will speak life.

(34) It will take time, but you will see a resuscitation happening.

(35) You will see a big cloud on the horizon that will bring a storm to the wicked.

(36) I am the Almighty God, and I will demonstrate My Mighty in this period.

(37) You will see attacks on nations that persecute Israel and America.

(38) It is up to you, My Children, to ask for discernment in this season.


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