Truth and Justice



Focus on the Second to the Fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Truth is the only answer to living a peaceful life.

(02) Everything else are lies, deception, and no one can depend on that.

(03) If you always seek the truth, it will be found.

(04) But if you want to be blinded by evil, you will.

(05) The blind cannot lead the blind.

(06) Hold on to My Word, with all that you are, and let it always guide your path.

(07) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is for every living soul

from the womb for eternity.

(08) Anyone who rejects truth does not care about freedom.

(09) The choice is always yours, whether you follow evil or justice.

(10) Everyone will stand before My throne and make accountability for their lives.

(11) Christ stands between you and I.

(12) If He says He never knew you or if He says that person is by My side

and is freed by My blood for every sin ever committed.

(13) Make your choice in life . . . it has true meaning.

(14) Every life matters.

(15) Pray for victory for the unborn . . . they have no one to speak for them,

except those who are taking the stand for righteousness.

(16) Love is love and will you choose love.


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