Back Into Office



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) President Trump is coming back into office where he belongs.

(02) The election was stolen . . . but the Almighty Father has heard our plea.

(03) We have cried, sighed and asked in Jesus’ name. We know it is not a game.

(04) The Father knows His love will remain, and President Trump,

who ran to save America, will be back to fulfill those words.

(05) His plea has been heard.

(06) The Father up above sent him to help America because of his love.

(07) Watch and see what the Almighty Father is going to do.

(08) He will see all this through.

(09) As we fall to bended knees, He will set America free.

(10) It is her destiny.

(11) Watch and see America come into victory.

(12) Red and blue states are filled with God’s saving grace,

as His Spirit moves across the land saving people from the sinking sand.

(13) It is His command, and those who follow the will of evil will be filled with upheaval.

(14) You will see the wheat and the tares, and they will be in despair

who choose to ignore Christ and follow darkness on the run.

(15) The light will shine for all to see the workings of the enemy.

(16) Glory to the Almighty Father and His Son, He did die so we all could be one.

(17) Lift up your head and see the coming of the Lord when the time is right,

it will not be ignored.

(18) Listen to the Spirit. It is time to hear Him.

(19) Trump will be back, and you can count on that.

(20) Save America is what he will do.

(21) You have been given this clue. This is true.

(22) Evil will be through, freedom, justice, peace and harmony are all part

of the kingdom’s anomaly.

(23) The Father will have it no other way. It is America back to stay.

(24) Rejoice today, it will not delay, and it will be a better day.

(25) For you and for me, we all have been set free. Can you now see it?


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