Alert to the Warning


Millions will be martyrs…”

Mary reveals the FUTURE!

End of time Is this coming in 2022?


My children, I remind you again: prepare for the arrival of the Warning, because it is close, much closer than you think. My Heart of Mother Help of Christians suffers in seeing that the immense majority of humanity is not prepared; this great event will totally change the understanding that many have about the spiritual life and the existence of the One and True God, One and Triune. Humanity will enter a state of ecstasy that will last between fifteen and twenty minutes of your earthly time, in which you will be shown the state of your soul with respect to both God and your brothers.

Every mortal will be judged, only my little ones who lack the use of reason will be the exception; everything will be judged even your idle words. How sad I feel as Mother of humanity to see that many souls will not return and will die eternally due to the gravity of their sins. This is why, little children, I am asking you to be spiritually prepared and in God’s grace, so that you can withstand this test, a test that will open your understanding and knowledge about the existence of eternity and God and will prepare you so you can face the final battle for your freedom when you return.


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