Rough Times and the Rapture


Rough Times are coming, but don’t be afraid

A Word on the Rapture


December 22, 2021 – Message from Mother Mary thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Lord, we pray for courage to walk in the plans that You have for us. We pray that You would keep us close as we step out in faith and do Your will for our lives, so the blessings You have for us will be received. Grant us peace, confidence in You and the courage to keep moving forward… Amen.

‘Dear Ones, the tornadoes in our country have been horrific, doing terrible damage to the heartland.’

(Mother Mary) “Do not be afraid. Yes, rough times are coming, but do not respond in fear, rather trust the Lord and continue to do your work. Clare, you are all being protected in a very special way. Do not respond in fear, know that the Lord has got this. What man plans and what he can do are two different things. There will be many intervening factors no one is expecting.”

(Mother Mary) “There will be things coming forth that no one expected. The Lord truly has got this. It is not as if there is no recourse. Many will rise up and fight, yes, America is coming down, but there will still be a remnant, there will be a stronghold in your nation that will not be conquered. It is being prepared even as we speak. “Many will retreat to within the boundaries of this safe zone. They will not overrun everywhere. There is a strong backbone to this nation that is preparing for this. More and more people will join this coalition to strengthen the remnant. You will not be around for this. A nation is not conquered overnight, their plan will take time and run into very much resistance. “Changes in the earth will also complicate plans, even though they think it will be to their advantage. Have confidence that the Lord has got this. Remember that man makes plans, but only God controls the outcome. Trust Him. There is so much you do not know. For one, it was not the time for you to know. There is quite a bit that must come about before their plans will succeed.”

(Clare) I was pondering that the eagle was dead in the vision, it had been attacked by a small snake and then a huge snake. It died. Mother, can you give me something more? I felt the need to get my Bible out. It fell open at Psalm 91. (Please read in your Bible or listen to the video linked at the end) ‘Thank you, Mother, that is very encouraging.’

(Mother Mary) “There is so much more that you do not know, but remember, in the end you will fly up to Heaven to be with Us, forever. You need not have any fear of the future. The Lord has already arranged all that. Just keep the flame burning in your heart and lead others to safety. Move ahead with no fear. Fear is useless, what is needed is faith. Always have faith that your spouse has arranged everything, because He has. “Do you really think He will allow His Bride to be ravaged? No. He has very specific plans for you, because you are His Beloved. He needs you all to lead others to safety, not just physical safety, but spiritual safety. Your body falling asleep is nothing compared to the death of a soul.”

(Clare) Before prayer, Mike brought up the new med bed technology, for which you must have a corresponding part in your body, on your hand or forehead for it to work. Mother Mary responded to my thoughts…

(Mother Mary) “What you are thinking is correct. This new medical technology will make death more difficult. Many will wish to die, but death will elude them.”

(Clare) ‘When will the Rapture happen?’

(Mother Mary) “When everything is calm and seems to be stable. This will be a shock to all. But first there are many tribulations you must pass through; you will be tried in your faith, and it will shine like highly polished gold.

“Clare and all my children, you have nothing to fear, He has covered all the bases, just be faithful, be ever so faithful to your gifts and callings. Through all of this, my dear ones, you will mature and shine as the brides you were created to be.”


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