Let Go and Let God



Focus on the First to the Third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) It is going to be all right My People.

(02) The evil one is a liar and wants to keep you in fear.

(03) America will come back to Me.

(04) I have told you before, you must not be impatient,

as My People are rising up and fighting this evil regime.

(05) Keep moving across the Red Sea and you will see victory.

(06) It is a slow walk, but I tell you, they will no longer talk,

for I will wipe out their filthy agenda.

(07) I tell you they will surrender, and the victory will be Mine

and you and I will dine.

(08) My light will once again shine, and the world will see that

America is once again free.

(09) Watch and believe in My heart of forgiveness for all those who could have

stopped the murdering of My babies and did not save them.

(10) As the babies are set free from state to state across the land,

you will see America come out of the sinking sand.

(11) I am watching, and I am waiting for righteousness to prevail.

(12) You My People created the America you live in and

this is why there is so much sin.

(13) Now you must turn the boat around and follow Christ’s ground and

then you will once again see the lighthouse that will lead you back to Me.

(14) America will once again be free, for it is her destiny. Trust in Me.


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