We’re in This



Focus on the Third to the Seventh minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Be ready for what is coming in 2022.

(02) You are looking for big events and missing the victories that are going on.

(03) I am taking back America and the enemy will be taken out of power.

(04) I see the efforts of the states to come against abortion, but I will not be satisfied

until abortion is illegal in America and my babies stop being murdered.

(05) Evil is being moved back and this is how victory is obtained

by pushing back the enemy until he surrenders.

(06) Evil will surrender in America, but many countries will succumb to the Antichrist

and be controlled by him.

(07) You must never take for granted ever again your freedom

for men and women fought for it just like you are fighting for it now.

(08) The Supreme Court will stand for the Constitution of your land

and victory will be obtained.

(09) The vaccine mandate will be thwarted, and the masks will slowly go away.

(10) I will heal your land, but evil will still be operating wherever he can.

(11) Love one another and build your safe havens as the seals are opening.

(12) This year brings much chaos as evil is moved back it will be angry

and there will be riots because of it.

(13) You will once again be free to travel in your land.

(14) The world is using this virus to control mankind

and many countries will fall prey to it.

(15) America will break free from it.

(16) Internation travel will not be safe for those who will not follow the Antichrist.

(17) There will never be freedom in this world until Christ comes back.

(18) America will be one of the countries that will not follow the Antichrist.

(19) This coming collapse, which is already in process, will be the victory needed

to stop the furthering of this evil regime.

(20) You will watch and see how all this plays out as My will is done in America.

(21) You must trust in the good times and the bad.

(22) We are one when we follow Christ into the kingdom.

(23) It will be a time of healing as Socialism is destroyed.

(24) Lead people to Christ, be bold and tell them who He is and why He came.

(25) Continue preaching the gospel to the world and build your churches and sanctuaries.

(26) Things will topple and bring about a new start.


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