The Worship of a King



Focus on the Third to the Sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’ message.

(01) It is not about you, My People. It is about the Worship of a King.

(02) One who deserves your praise and devotion.

(03) One who laid His life for you.

(04) One who came into the world to rescue the one He loved.

(05) When you learn true praise of the King, you will find true peace.

(06) Focus on self is your downfall because it can never be satisfied.

(07) When you are meant to worship the Creator, and do not do that,

you fall short of who you truly are.

(08) This is why you are told to lay down your life so I can pick it up and

make you the true creation you are.

(09) You were created to be one with the Creator and until you do this

you fall short of who you are.

(10) You look at everything in this world as your source of strength

when in reality your connection to us is how you obtain your true purpose.

(11) It is time the bride realizes her potential and what will satisfy her soul.

(12) Worship Christ who was born for the purpose of sacrifice to save your souls from Hell

and allow you to become one with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

(13) Let go this world and come into Our Kingdom where you will find rest

and comfort of soul.

(14) We love you so very much and long to be one with you.

(15) You are so frightened and so connected to the world you live in

that you cling to it as if it will save you.

(16) Salvation is a gift from Christ, and He is worthy to be praised.

(17) Praise Him today and every day and become the true bride,

who will surely stand by His side.

(18) We are love!


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