Deceived Christians, Donald Trump and Depression



January 3, 2020 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Jesus, thank you for Your words of encouragement and the graces You are so ready to give us in our poverty. Thank you so much. May all my Heartdwellers receive comfort from this message.

Oh, my precious Family. Lately, I feel as though all the blood has been drained from my body. I’m really struggling with fatigue, which always puts a damper on things that normally excite me. But I am grateful to God that my recording equipment is back working, so I can work more with music and record messages to you.

So, I came to the Lord – gut honest. He knows I can’t hide anything from Him. And He explained many things to me that I can share with you. I had just finished the Lord’s Supper and I heard Him say that He wanted to speak with me. To be honest with you, I was avoiding Him, because I felt so badly about myself lately. And I have also been weary and flat-lined lately. And of course, I thought He didn’t want to speak to me.

Yes… I get that foolish that I believe such lies from the enemy. See there? There is hope for you! Substantial hope. Lord, You wanted to speak to me?

Jesus began… “There are many things I wish to say to you, Beloved. Please do not give up on Me. A time is coming when you will feel better. Your body is still adjusting. I know how you are feeling – because I dwell in you. I grieve with you. But do not give up! Better days are coming.”

(Clare) Jesus, I really miss the hot tub. I feel so pained and achy and drained without it.

(Jesus) “It was a sacrifice. I do wish you would do without it.”

(Clare) I would like to fulfill that wish, but I am not strong enough without more grace. You know I want to give up.

(Jesus) “Don’t ever give up. You are not a quitter.”

(Clare) But You have yet to make me stronger. Every day is a struggle just to sit up and walk. Lord, I am oh so very tired, and yet I want to do all you’ve set before me. The prospects are exciting, but I feel like a withered tree with no sap.

(Jesus) “I’m here with you. And I know how you feel.”

(Clare) How can I be an example of poverty with a hot tub?

(Jesus) “That is rather contradictory.”

(Clare) Oh, Lord – that’s not what I wanted to hear You say! I feel good for perhaps 2 hours a day. I used to be good for 6 or 8? Please, please, please help me, Lord. Don’t let me go on this way. I hardly feel that I can live another day.

(Jesus) “These are extraordinary times, requiring extraordinary sacrifices. I am equipping you, even as we speak. I promise you, it is going to get better.”

(Clare) So, I thought to myself… ‘Jesus said it is going to get better. Jesus said it is going to get better. Jesus said it is going to get better. What does that mean? It’s going to get better, of course!’ Lord, I receive Your words, but please take this depression from me! It is so heavy and hopeless. Please?

(Jesus) “There is much suffering through depression right now. Medication is not the answer. This is being allowed as a very heavy burden for your government and the world. Only say the word, ‘Father, in Jesus’ Name, please help our government.’ And I take that as a solemn request and prayer that needs something to back it up. In fact, all you have to do is sigh. And immediately, I understand what it is you’re grieving for. And I take that as a prayer, as well.

Note: I have boldened three key periods.


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