The US and The World



Focus on the First to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.


Prophetic message for America

(01) This collapse will be the avenue I use to save America from this evil regime that wants

to control everything, you do and hear.

(02) America belongs to Me like Israel does.

(03) America must be a beacon of light to the world, and I will see it shine once again.

(04) America will once again be controlled by a government that follows Me.


The Almighty Father will be expanding His prophetic messages beyond America, because these End Times will become increasingly chaotic, and He wants His people to know what to do and what He has to say.

Prophetic messages for the world

(01) Canada has fallen from My scale of blessings and has sided with the EVIL ONE.

It is so sad to see, when I have always been here with you.

(02) Even in the darkest countries My people are looking for safe places to live.

(03) England, you have opened your doors to the Antichrist, and you do not even know it.

You think you are politically correct but are allowing EVIL to run rampant.

Wake up before it is too late!

(04) My land of Africa, you suffer much, but you have many places that love Me

and walk with Me. I will be with you through it all.

(05) North Korea, for such a tiny country you think you walk in the big boy pants,

but err greatly, because Satan has taken you under his wing of corruption.

(06) Ireland, you lost My blessing when you accepted murdering My babies

and cheered as if it was a big celebration. Shame on you!


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