Half Full or Half Empty



Focus on the First to the Fourth minute of the video for the Holy Spirit’s message.

(01) It is so sad to see you so blue.

(02) You never look at things in a positive way.

(03) You always look and feel dismay.

(04) It is time you see through the eyes of the spirit so you can truly hear it.

(05) And stop thinking evil is going to win.

(06) That is your sin and takes away your grin.

(07) I have told you over and over again that evil will not take over

and stay in power even at this latest hour.

(08) For the agenda of the Father is for all to hear Satan howler

and accept Christ today without delay.

(09) It is time to see things the way the Father does . . . not what evil can cause.

(10) And when you left him grip your heart, he pulls us apart and then you walk in despair

and do not care.

(11) This life is too short to stay short and miss the miracles right before your very eyes.

(12) It is Evil demise unless you see clearly you will feel miserably.

(13) Whether or not you know it, we win so let us start showing it.

(14) Rejoice today and stop falling away into the lies of the devil.

(15) One step at a time we win the race it is evil’s disgrace.

(16) And if you are so blind no to see, I will tell you are not trusting in Me.

(17) For I am making America free for all the world to see.

(18) Stay on bending knee, pray every day, the Father does hear you.

(19) And we will see you through.

(20) Love the Holy Spirit, do you hear it?


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