Fate of America Hanging in the Balance


Blood and water from the side of Jesus, I trust in you.

Save our nation and our president.


(Jesus) “While the fate of this president (Trump), your nation (America) and the world is hanging in the balance, I want you to all do as much as you can to tilt the scales in favor of saving him. The prayer I have given you and confirmed is very short and seemingly insignificant, but much more powerful than you are able to understand.

“The Life is in the blood, and you have taken the Blood of God and applied it to your president and your nation. This blood obliterates not only sin, but evil intentions as well. Plans to assassinate him are still in the works, and your sincere prayers are needed. It is a question of how many will join you in these prayers. The most wonderful thing that could happen to you and this nation as well as the world, is the victory of Donald Trump over the swamp.

“Those who believe they are supporting honest people who are fighting against him have been brainwashed by the propaganda machine for a communist one world government. When they come to understand the true intentions and heinous activities this system has been involved in, they will want nothing to do with them. Even those souls that have chosen same sex partners, have seen the light. Freedom is the bottom line, not freedom to oppress others but freedom to live and pursue what each soul believes is for their betterment.

“Many times, you must let others go their own way to discover truth in their lives. Suppressing them is NOT the answer. I suppress no one, unless they are hell bent on injuring others, then I do suppress. But for those who are searching, it is wrong to suppress them.

“When people come to Me, they come of their own will, because the Father called them. This wicked underground government wants to enslave people to their own ideologies and thereby strip away their freedom. This is why many are turning from that ideology and joining ranks with your president who is bent on defending freedom.

“My Dear one, in this moment, not enough souls are praying, please do all you can to enlist them to pray for your nation and president. Life as usual has obscured the urgency of this moment and I am calling My people to apply themselves to prayer for their president and nation. I very much approve of this prayer… ‘Blood and water from the side of Jesus, I trust in you. Save our nation and our president.'”


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