Help Them Stay Calm



Focus on the Fifth to the Seventh minute of the video for Christ’s message.

(01) All things work together for good.

(02) Is that truly understood?

(03) As food prices skyrocket, and less money is in people’s pockets.

(04) Will you trust in Me today? I will not delay.

(05) America will once again become one nation under God.

(06) America will be rid of the mob.

(07) What is going on is all part of the plan, and you must understand.

(08) I will never leave you or forsake you.

(09) I am with you for all eternity and the enemy will surely flee.

(10) Hold on tight, weeping is for a night, and true joy will come in the morning.

(11) I assure you of this, it will not miss.

(12) For victory come to those who trust in Me, for they never retreat.

(13) They stand in Faith for they know I am never too late.

(14) It is surely America’s fate; I will not hesitate.

(15) Once the financial collapse is ended, there will be no more government pretending.

(16) Truth will reign for all who heed the call.

(17) America is Mine and we will take time to dine.

(18) Hold on to Faith, Hope and Love.

(19) They come from the Dove, and remember the greatest is always Love.


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