Potential Martyrs


I received this message on March 12, 2022, at 21 PM of the East Coast of the United States.

The message is quite disturbing for the Christian world expecting The Warning and Illumination of Conscience in 2022 and Christ Second Coming soon.

The barbaric Arabs will appear privately before Christ for a spiritual discussion of their role in the spiritual realm.

The world we know will end soon and Christ will live with his disciples and reign during the New Era starting on His Second approximately ten years from now. Christ detractors will experience Christ Justice and live eternally in damnation with Satan in Hell. He is the biggest loser humanity has known . . . he is the biggest liar, deceiver and annihilator of humanity.

The stakes are supremely high! Be wise in your spiritual elections.

May the Holy Spirit outpour His Gift of Fortitude upon the 22 Christians missionaries that will enter triumphantly into the Kingdom of God.


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  1. Sandra Abreu says:

    This is a message that has been circulating for the past years. It’s not a current situation.

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