You Can Decrease Your Anxiety


You create much of your unhealthy anxiety but have the power to decrease it, as many troubles may occur in your life, and you need healthy anxiety to protect you.

You manage two major anxiety factors: heredity and environment. When you want to get more of what you desire and less of what you hate you can choose what will fulfill or block your goals. You experiment, take risks, and ultimately follow your best choices.

You can reduce your unhealthy anxiety replacing unhealthy with healthy choices. You are born with powerful tendencies toward anxiety, but you can make and change choices to meet your desires. Your environment, people and conditions surrounding you, can aid or block your desires. If your environment is good, you increase healthy and decrease unhealthy anxiety; but if your environment is bad, you decrease healthy and increase unhealthy anxiety, and may fall into depression. It is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

You cannot escape your hereditary tendencies, but can adjust to them, and you are limited in environmental changes, people and conditions surrounding you; fortunately, the ways you think, feel and behave are more influential in anxiety development.

If you apply unsuccessfully for a job, you might think the interviewer blocked you. He plays an important role, but your desires, choices, actions and other factors play an even greater role. Do not let adversity depress you, realize the interviewer’s desires, and you can get more interviews and a job.


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