Pope Benedict XVI is the Terror of Satan



The devil inspires terror, takes possession of people and only an exorcist help can restore them.

The Supreme Pontiff is a “tremendous annoyance” to Satan. The white robe, the blessing, the candid gaze — a story makes us shiver and understand the power of a Pope’s faith can remove and free possessed people.

The late Don Gabriele Amorth was among the most recognized exorcists in the world. Many testimonies and stories relate his struggles against Satan and exorcisms with the help of God to free people from demonic possession.

The book entitled “The last exorcist. My battle against Satan”, Father Amorth wrote in collaboration with the Vatican expert Paolo Rodari, presents an unusual aspect known to a few. The Pope’s presence bothers the devil and possessed people very much.

What we are about to tell you is taken from this book cited above and sees Pope Benedict XVI as its protagonist during a public audience.

It is the month of May 2009 and Saint Peter’s Square is slowly filling up with faithful who have flocked there to attend the Pope’s Wednesday audience.

“A small group of four people enter from the back of the square. Two women and two young men.

The women are two of my assistants […]

The two young men are two possessed.

Nobody knows. Only they and the two women who “escort” them know it; Father Amorth recounts in this passage.

That day, her assistants had decided to take the two young men to the audience, in the hope that their souls could somehow find some peace and benefit.

The exorcist explains, in fact, that the presence of the Pope is of enormous annoyance for the devil and that even seeing and perceiving the presence of the Pope disturbs and helps the possessed in their battle against the one who possesses them.

The four approach the barriers near the stage from where Benedict XVI is shortly to speak.

The Swiss Guards stop them.

They don’t have tickets to go any further. The two women insist. It is important for them to be able to bring the two possessed as close as possible to the Pope.

The Swiss Guards do not allow exceptions and order them to leave.

So, one of the two women pretends to feel bad.

The skit gets a result.

The four are made to sit over the barriers, in places reserved for the disabled” — the story continues.

The two women try to reassure the young people (Giovanni and Marco are their names), and announce to them that, shortly thereafter, the Pope will be a few steps from where they were seated.

The two, however, are silent, they do not speak, “it is as if those who possess them (they are two different demons) are beginning to understand who will soon arrive in the square” — She continues.

At the sight of Pope Benedict XVI, the demons begin to rise up, at 10 o’clock, the Popemobile begins to make its way into Saint Peter’s Square: “The two women turn to Giovanni and Marco.

Source; Quo Vadis


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