Reframing Methods


People generally think airplanes are very dangerous, because an airplane crash is dramatic and unexpected.  Yet, fewer than 300 people are killed annually in airplane crashes while 60,000 people are killed in car accidents.  Many more people panic about a flight than a car ride.  Exaggeration and misrepresentation frequently lead to anxiety, but they can be reframed.

Sophia was so anxious about the possibility of being criticized, so she suffered from chronic anxiety.  “I absolutely must not be criticized,” it was her Belief.  While disputing her Irrational Belief she reframed her Adversities.  Did every frown or laugh mean people despised her?  Sophia reconsidered most people’s frowns and laughs were not directed at her. Reframing people’s frowns and laughs and Disputing her Irrational Beliefs about criticism, minimized Sophia’s anxiety.

You can also reframe Adversities as challenges rather than horror.  For example, you can view the loss of a job as an opportunity to get a better job or some training for a promising career.


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