Problem Solving Methods to Control Anxiety


Anxiety may overwhelm and control you when you face problems and cannot solve them.

REBT helps you with effective solution methods.  REBT stops your unrealistic demanding to find quick and perfect solutions to your problems and shows you effective and efficient solution methods. REBT shows you techniques frequently employed on business decision making.

Jack ran a successful retail business but was anxious about personal inadequacy. He thought he absolutely had to pick the right wife, send his children to the best schools, care about his aging parents and be popular among his friends.  Jacks’s personal inadequacy resulted from his insistence he must make perfect decisions, otherwise he would be a total failure.

In the personal area, he could no assure success, because his personal relations depended on him and other people, and he had no control over their reactions.  He could pick the right college for his children, and they could refuse to do their work and drop out of college.

Jack used REBT to dispute his Irrational Beliefs and to overcome much of his anxiety about solving his personal problems.  Some of his solving processes for business decisions could be used to solve personal problems.


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