The Almighty Father Speaks to Satan


Prophetic Word Against the Devil


(01) You left your place in disgrace.

(02) We will meet in the end, and you will get sent to where you belong.

(03) Take a look at all you have done, for eternity is forever for all your earthly endeavors.

(04) You left true love because you wanted to put on the glove and fight me at every turn.

(05) This is why you will burn.

(06) You tried to destroy in every turn, but nothing is lost at any cost before my people

will be with me forever.

(07) They gave your time, they were blind when you came into the garden and told a lie,

so they would begin to die.

(08) The prophets have spoken. Your fate has been sealed in history; it is not a mystery.

(09) The end of this show, it is your owe . . . which you already know.


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