Petrus Romanus, May 31, 2022


  • Note: message given on January 31, 2022, and written on May 31, 2022

WILLIAM: I do not know why, but I did as Jesus has requested.

At 4.35 am I asked Jesus to speak to me. The White Cross is shining on my left, because my room is straight out in front of me where the Holy Grounds is. Jesus is standing in front of me dressed all in white. He is standing in a bright Light and directing me to listen. Jesus says:

OUR LORD“I greet you, My beloved son, most pleasing to Heaven! It was My Divine Will that you received this Message today on the Feast of the Blessed Mother. My child, it is very important that you tell My people to be ready, because the Divine Act of Mercy will be made from this moment onwards, as the world has decided to place My Love and Mercy aside, accepting the Will of Satan rather than My Holy Will, but My Holy Mercy is available in this hour, which is very serious. My children, as you will not listen to My Heart of Love, I will send to many great Nations a Chastisement, which will awaken the sleepy souls who have buried themselves into the world affairs.”

“This year, going into the following year, will experience great suffering, because My children have not turned towards Me, even though My children did not move towards Me – even though mankind has received Three Major Chastisements in the last three years.”

Europe will be shocked because of the attacks by air that will be experienced by many northern Nations who are urgently desiring to unite with NATO for the European Union of Nations, to protect Europe.”

“My children, why do you allow your children to suffer, when you have gone through a Second World War? Have you forgotten what it will go through? My children, why do you forget Me Who have given you Special Graces and Peace for seventy years? Is it much that I ask of Our children? I ask that you love one another and do good works for your fellow men. What am I to do, My children? All I ask is that you pray the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, to ask Me for forgiveness of your sinful living – and love one another.”

Italy, My Chosen Race for over two thousand years, has sold itself – just like the one who Crucified Me. How many Saints have I raised in your Nation? The Vatican will be destroyed by the Antichrist, because he hates the Sign of Salvation. Remember, My children, you live in the End Days, where the world will be destroyed by Satan, but I will save the world and clean it and in the end the Antichrist will be removed and the world will be changed.”

“The Middle East is to prepare to invade Europe and cause a terrible destruction on the Faith of Europe – so pray, My beloved children. Many places on Earth will go through a Great Purification.”

China is the other major country which will cause much pain and suffering. War will break out very soon in Taiwan, then China will take over, with the U.S.A. becoming involved. China will invade many Nations, but it will be held back by India, because China will move quickly towards the Californian coastline of the U.S.A., which will be flooded by Russian and Chinese Military.”

“In Indonesia, the world will suffer through the ring of Volcanos and this will affect the world climate. Many of the Nations which – from the Islands at the South Pacific – will suffer, because the seas will rise – and the Chinese will invade.”

“Many, many Nations will undergo many Chastisements and when mankind have seen in their lives the destruction they have brought, they will fall on their knees asking Me for help and consolation. It will be then that time will stop and the Glorious White Cross will descend upon a world to awaken mankind. The world will receive the Great Warning and the Three Days of Darkness will be sent and those who are in great darkness and seek no forgiveness of their sins, will go to Hell at that moment. So, I give Warning, do not allow yourself to remain in sin.”

“The world will go into great suffering, because mankind has forgotten Me. Therefore, I ask every soul over the age of seven to turn to Me now, while you still have the time in My Divine Mercy. I beg you, sweet children, think very carefully of what you do. Pray, pray, pray and go to Confession, receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion and accompany Me where you can, most reverently, because time is running out.”

“I ask My children to pray for My Last Vicar for Holy Mother Church, because the Vicar, who is the Vicar of Holy Mother the Church, Pope Benedict – he is about to leave the Earth. So, remember to pray for the Last Vicar, who will be Pope Peter II and remember to pray for Francis, so that he will be saved.”

“I know, My son, the Message given is much like many of the past, but it is very serious and My children must act now. Today, on the Feast of My Holy Mother, I give to each soul who will follow My instruction today, a Seraphim Angel, who will protect them and will be with them until I return.”

“My children, I Love you immensely and I Bless you and My Most Holy Mother, Who Loves you, sends you a Blessing with the Great Angel you will receive today – and you, My precious son of My Sacred Heart, today you will receive several Great Angels: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


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