A Great Exchange Is Coming



Julie Green presents in the video a long, powerful word of Prophecy about God’s control of the world.

Watch the whole amazing video and mend your life to surrender to God’s will.

It follows some key statements of Julie Green.

(01) The destruction of God’s enemies will be great.

(02) Great changes are coming. They will be sudden and unprecedented.

(03) The New World Order wanted to control your body and soul.

(04) They will never get what they wanted.

(05) God will display his power against his enemies for the world to see.

(06) Republicans will annihilate democrats in America.

(07) The stock and house markets will crash.

(08) God will eradicate all diseases.

(09) Biden’s administration will fall.

(10) God’s plan will succeed, and his will be done on Earth.

(11) Walk by faith, not by sight.

(12) Renew your mind with the Bible

(13) God will destroy the system created to destroy you.

(14) God is the creator of life . . . always side with life.


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