Our Lady and the Near Future


Extract from the Message to Bright Star and Firelily

Bethlehem Chapel

4 Agosto 2022

OUR LADY: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I greet you shining star of God’s love and i ask you to remain at peace, for much is developing in the world now. Oh, my son, the elect is being tested at all levels, they are being attacked on all sides, for the evil one knows that his time is too short. For all that God has promised His little ones is about to manifest itself before his eyes. It must be a great comfort for you, My children, to know that you remain faithful to the end. Oh, My children, I love you so much for the consolation you have brought to My Heart over the years. I love you, children, and I have come tonight to bring you many graces for your faithfulness.”

“Oh, My children, the world is in such a bad state now, but all the countries of the world and their economies are by a thread. It will be like dominoes, my children when they begin to fall. Keep my children at peace, for I have made many promises to you that I will keep. A lot will happen in the coming months. Oh, My children, food will become scarce, now is the time to get all the things you need.Because it’s not just food that will be lacking. Take into account the things you’ll need in the coming months. For then another disease will arise in the world and close the world once again to fulfill its own agenda.”

“Oh, My children, we in Heaven grieve every day as we see the great evil plans that you are about to put into practice. Pray My children, this is the most important thing now, worldly things should no longer matter because the hour is near, and the salvation of souls is the only thing that should worry My children. Please help your Mother in this final hour to save as many children as possible. Every little thing you offer i put in My Immaculate Heart and offer it to the Father. I thank you My children, I thank you for all your prayers, your sufferings, and your sacrifices. I love you My children and I ask you to continue on the path that God has put you on.”


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