Petrus Romanus, August 13, 2022


OUR LORD“I greet you, My beloved William and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Fear not, because your heart is open to My Decree and you are most pleasing to Me. Fear not, My son, because you have but a very short time left to remain in prison.”

WILLIAM: Jesus is dressed in white with a red Mantle hanging over Him.

OUR LORD“I greet you, My sweet son, waiting for your release from prison, but know, My holy son, it will be very soon.”

“My beloved children, today is the great Three Days Feast where My Holy Mother Mary, remained on Earth to await Her Immaculate arrival to Her Destiny, of Her Crown given to Her on the 15th August. During this time of the Three Days, every soul that passed by [over the veil] is saved as a reward, because of the Feast of My Most Holy Mother.”

“My sweet children, this is a very serious time in the history for mankind, because mankind does not realize how serious time is. There are only a few more years left and mankind must turn to My Divine Father Who awaits His children, to turn away from their selfish lives and turn to God and ask Him for forgiveness, because their sin will bring them to eternal damnation. My children, My children: I beg of you to turn around from your evil ways of so many sins. I will continue to offer My life for you, but you must change now, please. I Love you very much.”

“There will be another disease coming to mankind, to bring you back to My Father. The countries of South America and the Nations of Africa: I and My Most Holy Mother have called all of My children to change their lives, turning back to Truth and to pray unceasingly for your brothers and sisters, because many of your countries will become Communist and bring great destruction upon your nations.”

South Africa will be punished and Nigeria and all the countries up North are already reduced in their belief, as many countries have turned their belief into the Muslim belief. There will, be war that will ignite there very soon. The Gaza Strip and Israel will flare up to a Great War, which will ignite the countries of Iran and Lebanon, which will follow on to Spain, bringing great hardship and division, My children.”

“Pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, because it is very important.”

“The sun will continue to increase great heat to My children, because My Holy Creation is acting to show humanity that they are offending God very much.”

“Pray for France, because it is ready to change its way, leaving an opening to a country, which does not believe in Me anymore. I call My Holy Monarch to bring change to France, because it will soon capitulate into Civil War and He is to prepare the way for My Holy Vicar, William, to take the Seat of Peter IIPope Benedict will soon be taken to Heaven. I send My Fatherly Blessings to him and to you, My holy son.”

“Finally, I wish My people in Taiwan to turn to Me, your Loving Savior, because your nation will be invaded soon, which will involve many nations and bring Great War in the Pacific Region, which will involve Australia and the U.S.A. But in the end, it will triumph, because I, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, Love you. Be not afraid, My children, but turn to Me, because it is only Jesus Who will be your strength.”

“My child, there is so much I could reveal to you about the nations, but for now I will only give small items for mankind, but I beg of all Our children to please respond, as time is running out. I Love all of you.”

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother is arriving – She is so lovely next to Jesus – She looks [at Him] so tenderly. Our Lady is dressed in white with a red shawl around Her. With all Her Love She says:

OUR LADY“I greet you, My beloved son and children. I have come today only to support Jesus with His Divine Words, but I will return on the 15th to give you a more deeper Message for My children.”

“My children; My Holy son of My Immaculate Heart, I know you are sorrowing, because you are still in prison, but I assure you, just like My Divine Son, Jesus, has told you, you will be free very soon. I Love you so much, My future Pope – and very last one for Holy Mother Church. Pray My son, for the Vicar, because his time is very short. Pray, My children, because the Church is going to split, very shortly in the greatest separation of God’s children, because the Schism is very near, where people will divide, leaving the Church Hierarchy in confusion and fear will enter the hearts of mankind.”

“Pray, My children, because there is less than 5% of the world that is listening to God’s Holy Word. My children, pray – and it is the most important thing you must do now, because mankind is approaching great sadness and war. The Third World War will be flowing around the world. Many countries will be at war, which will involve your nation, Australia. The Government has left it too late to build up the forces which will protect you. Don’t be surprised, My son, as you will be called to help them to make a decision, to help your nation.”

“Very shortly, China will move to take over many nations. Please read The Apocalypse, it shows you what is to come upon the world, very soon. My children, I ask that all of you take into your consideration what is happening in your world.

“I Love you, sweet children and ask you to pray – I Love you, sweet children and place My Holy Mantle over those who have turned to Me and My Divine Son, Jesus. I give you My Protection and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I Love you, My holy son. Take courage, because everything We have told you in the past 40 years, you can be assured they will occur. You are My precious son and all that I have told you about private matters, will be fulfilled, very soon. I Love you and will see you on the 15th.”

“I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus sends Their Love and Blesses me:

OUR LORD“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus and Mary went up to Heaven with the White Cross, leaving a big Light.


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