Spring Ahead Fall Back


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Prophecy – Spring Ahead Fall Back

Lois Vogel-Sharp



Focus on the beginning of the video through the third minute.

(01) We are back on track.

(02) We are all part of the pack of believers with the Spirit retrievers.

(03) Time to move with the Kingdom of God and get rid of all the mobs and the snobs, so we can be free.

(04) Christ is the key and our destiny.

(05) It is the Father’s plea, can you see?

(06) The red sea moment is here, it is clear.

(07) Take your gold and silver and watch them begin to glitter.

(08) As the clock is upon us and everyone is about to make a fuss.

(09) Democrats and Republicans will join as one nation under God as they get rid of this mob.

(10) Piece by piece they will remove these creeps.

(11) Who call themselves humans but are controlled by demons.

(12) Watch and see how America will once again be free.

(13) It will come on bending knee but will be worth the sorrow for this Greater Tomorrow.

(14) You will lose all the sorrow and watch America become free and once again be in harmony.

(15) States will turn red, and you will have nothing to dread.

(16) But if you stay blue you will be through for unless you follow one nation under God you will follow the evil mob.

(17) The time is still coming when My People will be running to the safest places on the Earth with My new birth of My People joining together as one waiting for the Son.

(18) While all evil thinks it is having fun, but it will be done with the return of the Son and the joining of the people as one.

(19) Hold on to truth, it is always your proof.

(20) Love one another as true sister and brother.

(21) For the time is coming when you will be dining and be all in one mind and accord . . . for sure.

(22) Love the Spirit and may all hear Him.


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