The Unholy Trinity


Satan counterfeits the Holy Trinity comprising Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Their counterparts are respectively Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet. The Holy Trinity portrays truth, love, and goodness, and the unholy trinity deception, hatred, and evil.

Satan and one-third of the angels were expelled from Heaven during a rebellion before the world began. The Archangel Michael and the other angels fight Satan and his demons and exclude them from Heaven forever.

The Antichrist will pretend to be a peaceful ruler, but will openly blaspheme God, break a peace treaty with the Jews, attack them and Christ believers, desecrate the rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem, and claim personal worship in the temple. This event is the Abomination of Desolation.

The False Prophet will speak persuasively and deceptively to turn humans away from God and promote worship to the Antichrist and Satan. The False Prophet will produce great signs and wonders, including bringing down fire from heaven. He will set an Antichrist’s image for worship in the temple, give life to the image, demand all people to worship it and behead those who refuse to comply.

The False Prophet will compel each person to receive the Mark of the Beast to show total Antichrist devotion and God renunciation. The mark will allow commerce but cause eternal damnation. The Bible alerts the mark implies acceptance of an economic and religious system rejecting Christ.

Satan is the anti-God, the Beast the anti-Messiah, and the False Prophet the anti-Spirit. They will persecute believers and deceive many people for eternal damnation, but Heaven and the Holy Trinity will triumph!


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