The Mission of Guardian Angels



Saint Paul tells us the mission of the Guardian Angels is to serve the future heirs of salvation. Every kingdom, country, diocese, church, religious order and person has a protecting Guardian Angel. Each bishop of the Catholic Church has two Guardian Angels. Our Guardian Angel is given at our birth, stays with us all through life, comforts us in Purgatory, and escorts us, if we are saved, into Heaven. The greatest joy we can give our Guardian Angels is to receive Holy Communion and make our souls tabernacles of the Holy Spirit before Whom the angels can adore.

A great Pope, Saint Gregory the Great, was tenderly devoted to his Guardian Angel. Saint Catherine of Siena saw her Guardian Angel. Saint Francis de Sales revered the angels in charge of the tabernacle in every Catholic Church.

There are nine choirs of angels, and three hierarchies. These choirs and hierarchies are in ascent order: first hierarchy, Angels, Archangels and Principalities; second hierarchy, Powers, Virtues and Dominions; third hierarchy, Thrones, Cherubims and Seraphims.

God chooses Angels for persons, Archangels for parishes, churches and religious communities, and Principalities for provinces, countries and nations.

  • Saint Augustine said “our angels are always with us.”
  • Saint Jerome said “so sublime is a human soul that a Guardian Angel is appointed to each soul when we are born.”
  • Saint Bernard said “make your Guardian Angel your friend, because we have nothing to fear under the protection of these guardians.”
  • Saint Bernard “urges us to invoke our Guardian Angel in every difficulty, danger and temptation.”


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