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Pornograpikong Sakuna

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Sinabi ni Jesus, “Aking mga tao, nakikita ninyo ang pornograpiya sa mga magasin, internet at mga pelikula, at nagtataka kayo kung bakit ginahasa at pinapatay ang mga babae. Ginagamit ng mga demonyo ang seksuwal na kahinaan ng mga … Continue reading

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Follow God’s Way

  Hear the word of The Almighty God in the video for His word is quite clear and formative.  No commentary is required! I stress that Pornography Ravages Families,  and the video narrator’s mention that 90% of Christians are into pornography. Click on the colored hyperlink above or the link … Continue reading

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Pornographic Catastrophe

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Jesus said, “My people, you see pornography in magazines, the internet and movies, and wonder why women are raped and killed. The demons are using people’s sexual weakness to lead them into fornication, adultery, prostitution, and rape. Evil … Continue reading

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Porn Ravages Families

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Porn is ravaging marriages, because it wrecks the arousal process which harms sex life in marriage. The effects of porn are devastating because it alters the chemistry of the brain.  Porn stimulates the arousal centers … Continue reading

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