Man Thirsty for God



A stranger in his fifties suddenly approached me, when I left my seat to line up for Communion at the back of the Dominican Church of Saint Pius V, in Providence, RI — across the Providence College Campus — on August 8, 2012.

“It is so cold here! Are you leaving the Church?” he asked me.  “No, I’m lining up for Communion,” I replied.

The temperature was comfortable, but he was freezing, and I felt the cold wave which I perceived as a spiritual sign.

“What am I supposed to do now?” he asked. “Are you receiving Communion? Line up,” I suggested. “Are you Catholic?”

“I am, but I have not practiced for long,” the stranger replied. “Perhaps you should take Communion after consulting a priest,” I recommended. The man became sad because he was attracted to the Eucharist like a compass needle to the North Pole.

“What are you doing in the line?” he asked me. “I’m receiving Jesus,” I responded.
“Are you very thirsty for Jesus?”

“Yes, I am …” he promptly asserted.
“Line up, receive Jesus, and consult a priest, as early as possible,” I advised him.

We were the last two communicants. The celebrant gave me Communion, then stepped down with a host to meet the stranger.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked the celebrant. “Are you Catholic, sir?” asked the Dominican. “I am, but I have not practiced for a long time.”

“Are you thirsty for God?”

“Yes, I am very thirsty!” the stranger responded.

They dialogued briefly, and I observed the Dominican making the sign of the cross on the communicant’s forehead and place a host in his mouth.

The communicant asked the celebrant “What should I do?” “Swallow the host,” he replied.

Stunned, I returned to my seat surrounded by a shield of Grace.

“Thank you. I’m very happy!” the stranger jubilantly told me after the mass. “How can I continue to enjoy this peace and happiness?” he inquired.  Ask the celebrant for spiritual guidance during the social hour, I suggested.

Who was that mysterious man?

Click the following link to unveil the mystery.



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18 Responses to Man Thirsty for God

  1. Fernanda Medeiros says:

    It is an awsome story. God works in mysterious ways. Since you haven’t seen the man after, only God knows who he was and what he needed. He uses us to bring our brothers and sisters back to Him, to help save souls,who otherwise would have been lost, like sheep without a shepherd. And even to teach us lessons, to teach us love, to show us the way of salvation. Our God is a Loving Father and like we who are parents sometimes tell one of our kids, look after your little brother, take him by the hand, make sure he comes home safely. So does our Heavenly Father. See? your brother is thirsty and hungry take him by th hand, guide to theTable of Plenty. God bless you and all of us.

    • Thank you Almighty Father for every gift of friendship. Your links are so helpful and they bring many souls back to JESUS Who has come to redeem us. I’m so happy. Hello!

  2. Chintya Olivia says:

    I like it this website

  3. Estou aqui, soube atravéz da page “Sou feliz por ser católico”

  4. R.J.Midian says:

    It is true and when mankind understands this fact it will be a great day!

  5. Janet says:

    I’m so glad he confessed and received absolution before receiving the Sacrament. 🙂

  6. God Bless your works..

  7. heavensoledad says:

    Lord, use me anytime You want. Amen.

  8. Brito says:

    Please be in touch with me because I want to learn more from you.

  9. Pastor Dickson James says:

    Great wisdom! I do praise God for that.

    Pastor Dickson

    Nairobi, Kenya

  10. Nathaniel Nettey says:

    Very much inspired!

  11. dios me acuesta,,y el espiritu santo,me mira,mientras mis oraciones salen de mi boca,es como si me arrullara,,luego,me siento plena,en paz,he pedido,por y para todos¡¡¡¡y al despertar,me extiende su mano,.agradecida,doy gracias por otro dia mas de vida.

  12. corina bestman says:

    It is awesome, when we are close to GOD.

  13. Amen..thanks for sharing with us here….peace and blessing


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