Lent 2020


The blog is tetralingual and some articles, including Letters to the Filipinos, have text in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, to facilitate evangelization.

The Holy Spirit asked me to intensify the correspondence with the Filipinos because they will perform a distinct role in God’s Plan of Salvation for Humanity in The End Times.

I express my deepest appreciation to all my Facebook friends and readers of my blog who congratulated me on my August 5 birthday.

I have created this post to communicate with my blog readers, and this is the fourth time I use the post for the goal.

The blog has been a major success since its inception on January 11, 2013.  The blog started bilingual, English and Portuguese, and it is tetralingual including Spanish and French.

Annual Blog Views

21,568 in 2013

34,114 in 2014

64,841 in 2015

69,595 in 2016

64,341 in 2017

58,588 in 2018

52,193 in 2019

Blog Visitors

9,834 in 2013

16,470 in 2014

37,895 in 2015

39,456 in 2016

37,298 in 2017

27,321 in 2018.

26,133 in 2019

Article Publication

79 in 2013

342 in 2014

459 in 2015

584 in 2016

485 in 2017

650 in 2018.

673 in 2019

List of the Most Popular Article

[Click on each following link to retrieve its corresponding article.]

Portuguese version of Holy Spirit’s Gifts and Fruits in 2013

English version of FOUR BLOOD MOONS in 2014

English version of Three Days of Darkness in 2015

English version of Recent Eucharistic Miracle in Poland in 2016

English version of Satan is a Real Entity in 2017

English version of “Anthony: Wise Driver”  in 2018

Portuguese version of “The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier in 2019

Countries with Most Views

[in decreasing order]

USA, Portugal and Brazil in 2013

United States, Brazil and Portugal in 2014

United States, Brazil and Philippines in 2015

United States, Brazil and Philippines in 2016

United States, Philippines and Brazil in 2017

United States, Philippines and United Kingdom in 2018

United States, Philippines and Brazil in 2019


Manuel Silveira


The blog dedicated to the Holy Spirit, comprises meditations on Catholicism to move Christians closer to God.  The Holy Spirit has called me to study Theology independently, to document my studies, and communicate them to the world.  


Born in the city of Horta, Azores, Portugal, on August 1954, I lived till October 1973 in the nearby parish of Castelo Branco. I graduated from the Horta lyceum as a distinct student, served as a navigation officer in the Portuguese Air Force from 1973 till 1976, and immigrated to the United States on June 1976.

I married Noémia in November 1979 and we live in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. My wife was born in the parish of Santo Amaro, island of São Jorge, Azores. We have two daughters, Alexandra, 39, and Andrea 28. Alexandra has completed a post-doctorate in Medicine by Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, and is a director in a biotechnology company; Andrea has earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island, North Kingston, RI, and has joined Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI, and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology at the university.

I got undergraduates degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science both by Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting by Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, and completed advanced graduate studies in Computer Information Systems at Bryant University. I held a professional certificate in Manufacturing and another in financial services.

I was an engineer for about 30 years with American Insulated Wire, Pawtucket, RI, a  wire and cable manufacturer, and took early retirement in September 2007, when the company was acquired by a competitor.


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    May I have your kind permission to translate all of your great works posted here into my mother tongue, Malayalam.

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