Victim of Satanic Cult


I went on a pleasant morning of June of 2012 to a laboratory for a routine blood analysis. However, I had a frightening premonition when I entered the laboratory: my intuition warned me that Satan was around. I sat down next to the exit door, a man with a weird aspect and erratic movements was seated close to the receptionist’s window, and a menacing silence permeated the laboratory, because people realized an imminent threat.

I was initially compassionate towards a potential mental patient, but I grew in apprehension as I glanced him. The unrestrained patient’s eyes were deeply engaging and vividly menacing, whereas unrestrained mental patients are generally withdrawn and avoid eye contact. Should I approach or avoid the patient? I followed my intuition advising caution and restrain.

Meanwhile, he stood up, and briefly lamented his health condition to the receptionist: “I’m a college graduate who had practiced fly fishing … but now I’m doomed.” Then he entered a cubicle and dialogued with the phlebotomist. I was attentive because I knew he would shortly pass by me. I overheard the patient say that he had participated in a satanic cult which had ruined him, and told horror stories to the phlebotomist, but I could not register.

He instantaneously gazed at me when he was leaving the laboratory, and though I feared an assault I veiled my insecurity till the patient left the laboratory and everybody sighed in relief. Afterwards the terrified phlebotomist asked me if I was going to scare her too. Don’t fear me because I am a man of peace, I replied!

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11 Responses to Victim of Satanic Cult

  1. Gerardo Navalde Nadate says:

    EPHESIANS 6 : 12 ; COL. 2 : 15 ; 1 JN. 4 : 4

  2. Maria Dsouza says:

    I keep a rosary always with me, it saves me from all sorts of fear

  3. Selvan says:

    Very true…the Rosary is indeed a powerful weapon of protection.

  4. colette says:

    How can you tell if someone has a demon in them….or just near them?

    • The Holy Spirit concedes a particular ministry gift to some devout catholics to become exorcists.
      I encourage you to contact through Facebook Mrs. Diane Dyer, who is a devout Catholic and an exorcist.

  5. bbom says:

    Interesting and informative blog! Thanks a lot for all the information provided.

  6. paul says:

    So True. I always keep Rosary with me… God bless!

  7. Carolyn.Milke says:

    Good that you did not let him know you recognized him and were frightened!

  8. To tell the truth I am not as religious as you good people are even though I was educated in a Jesuit college. I admire the good I feel in yor hearts. I was in Poland on a scholarship when Pope John was elected and always had a feeling as if I was there at the same time for a reason. My uncle knew the pope while working at the stone quarry with him another strange circumstance. When I was a child I admired the Archangel Michael and even wanted to be named after him. I also have thought that my calling was to do battle with evil. Strange for a agnostic who is searching desperately for proof in this life. Unlike you I wish I had been with you at that clinic because it might have reinforced some belief in me. I know I would have challenged that individual and stared him in the eyes, so maybe better I wasn’t . Anyway, it’s strange that I indedvertently noted your post at this time.

    God bless

    A searching soul

  9. We pray that misfortune never comes to us, but when it does, the rosary gives us the power to handle whatever this world throws our way.

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