Development of Charismatic Knowledge


The article “Interaction with the Holy Spirit” means the value of Suffering in spirituality and the promptings of the Holy Spirit on believers, and the articles Interaction with the Holy Spirit, Man Thirsty for God and Dialogue with the Holy Spirit represent my divine call to serve the Holy Spirit: study ME, document your findings and communicate them to the world.

I have refined my view of “Interaction with the Holy Spirit,” from personal to charismatic. I had interpreted “your suffering is your treasure” as atonement for sins, whereas I now realize the divine message as spiritual purification to serve the Church.

The Advocate had imparted sanctifying Knowledge on Baptism and fortified the gift on Confirmation, and now desires the development of charismatic knowledge to serve the Church. I surrender to you Lord!

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  1. cynthia edmonds says:

    Thank you so much, Amen!

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