Anthony: Wise Driver






A reader sent me this letter I published with permission. 


Anthony, when returning from work, driving in a fairly heavy traffic, encountered a driver traveling hastily. He was cutting everybody and he also cut Anthony to change lane. At that time, Antonio did not want to concede, but then he thought:

– Pity! If he’s so nervous and so rushed … he must have a serious problem and needs to reach immediately his destination so I’m slowing down and let him pass.

When he got home, Anthony received the news that his three year old son had suffered a serious accident and was taken to a hospital by his wife. Anthony immediately went there and when he arrived, his wife came to him and reassured him saying:

– Thank God it’s all right because the doctor arrived in time to rescue our son. He is out of danger.

Anthony, relieved, asked his wife to take him to see the doctor and to thank him for his help. What a surprise when Anthony found that the doctor was the driver that had rushed through the traffic.




The Holy Spirit asked me during the Sunday Mass of November 15, 2015, to comment succinctly the narrative in the framework of Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues.  The narrative has two main protagonists: the meek Anthony and the diligent driver.  Meekness and Diligence are Heavenly Virtues that help us to overcome the Deadly Sins of Anger and Sloth.

All other sins stem from one or more Deadly Sins, and the development of Heavenly Virtues is an effective paradigm to sainthood.  The virtues are both highways to Heaven and an effective prescription for life success.

National News are increasingly reporting car accidents, some fatal, due to angry drivers.  Meekness is urgently needed on American roads to prevent accidents, save lives . . . and   Diligence enhances work performance and service quality to both God and neighbor.



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