Life in the Spirit


“Ours is not a journey born of having many possessions, but from having encountered a Person, Jesus, in our midst. It is born from knowing that with Him we are never alone, even at difficult moments, even when our life’s journey comes up against problems and obstacles that seem insurmountable, and there are so many of them! And in this moment the enemy, the devil, comes, often disguised as an angel, and slyly speaks his word to us. Do not listen to him! Let us follow Jesus!  (Pope Francis Homily, March 24, 2013)”

The Roman Catholic Church recognizes twelve traditional fruits of the Holy Spirit: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, humility or gentleness, fidelity or faithfulness, modesty, continence or self-control and chastity. Refer to the article Holy Spirit’s Gifts and Fruits.

The fruits manifest God operating in us and through us, and their antonyms, for example sadness for joy, are traits of Satan and his devils. I noticed much agitation, a dominant trait, on the Victim of Satanic Cult.

Spirituality is like a rainbow with God and Satan on opposite extremes. We should move consistently towards God, because He cares about each Christian whereas Satan simple seeks to maximize the number of victims.

“Deliver us from evil” is an integral part of the Lord’s Prayer. When a spirit, good or evil, approaches you utter the words “Jesus” and “Mary, mother of Jesus”, and observe the spirit’s reaction to determine its true nature. Refer to the article Discernment of spirits for further information.

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