Fatima, July 13, 1917






The third appearance of our Lady of Fatima occurred on July 13, 1917, after the Portuguese Government had arrested the little shepherds. It is repulsive to question the innocence of children after two apparitions with supernatural signs of the Virgin Mary. Apparitions of an angel preceded the six apparitions of Fatima, to Lucia, 10, Francisco 9 and Jacinta, 7. The children saw three times the angel in  1916, in Fatima, to prepare them for the Apparitions of Our Lady.

The film starts with a horrific vision of hell. God is love, and wants us to inherit his kingdom, but he cannot deny hell. Safeguard yourselves of false prophets that slickly seek your perdition.


Satan is a master of lying, disguise, false promise and destruction. He will gradually instigate war and falsehood till the End of the World to drive souls into hell through a legion of false prophets. They operate obscurely on social media with camouflaged activities, and on social life with heinous activities such as drugs, rape,  abortion, genocide, and satanic cult.


The theme of the film is Fortitude —   a gift of the Holy Spirit — which enables Christians to suffer with patience and joy, and to serve God with conviction and enthusiasm. Refer to the article Fortitude.

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