Outpouring of the Holy Spirit



The third day after The Warning is the day of Outpouring of His Holy Spirit on all mankind.  The prophecies combine the Warning or Illumination of Conscience and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit confirming God’s word on two separate days within three days. This will be a spiritual event on an individual basis, as we accept the Lord into our individual lives in a new or renewed way the day of the Warning. God is informing mankind that Jesus Christ has paid the price and that all can come freely.

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2 Responses to Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

  1. Kat says:

    I have been waiting for years for this event and I am a little wary of an exact date being given but we shall see. Great article but people need to be prepared for the demons that will be out during the three days too. I have read all the prophecies in The Warning/ Illumination and am convinced that it will be a very rough day. People will need medicines, food, pet food, and medals and Crucifixes to protect themselves and their lived ones.

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