Fatima and World Affairs




This is a synopsis of a comprehensive analysis of current world affairs by Father Paul Kramer, who is known to regular readers of The Fatima Crusader. He has studied Catholic prophecy for over 30 years, and also has read and analyzed in depth, news reports in five different languages from various parts of the world. To help people  understand current world affairs, Father Paul Kramer has put together a special report for The Fatima Crusader.



The escalation of war in the Middle East calls the attention of the world, but most people in Europe and North America do not understand the real significance forebodes widespread death and destruction around the world.

Russia has a central role to play in this drama, and the role is clear from the Fatima Message. The End Times is rapidly approaching , and the catastrophe is nigh.  Father Paul Kramer has been closely following the events in the Middle East, and is convinced we are in the prelude to World War III.

Hezbollah is directed by Iran, because the leaders of Hezbollah are Persian speakers who take orders from Iran. Russia wishes to provoke a regional war in the Middle East to unify and mobilize Arab rage against Israel, the USA and the West.

A regional war between Israel, backed conspicuously by the USA, and Islamic nations, backed covertly by Russia, will lead to the great Jihad planned against the West and it will bring great destruction to North America and Europe.

The New Axis, led by Russia and China, with many Islamic and other Anti-American allies, may fight against Israel and Western forces led by the USA.  Russia remains staunchly allied to anti-Western partners.

Russia will inflict suffering on humanity that the world has never seen. The ultimate Russian objective remains unchanged since Lenin declared: “It matters not that three fourths of the world be destroyed provided that the remaining fourth is communist.”  Our Lady of Fatima warns us that God will allow them to accomplish that objective if her requests are not fulfilled in time: Conversion, Penance and Prayer.  The Great Tribulation foretold in the Gospel is nigh.



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