Catholic and Proud






Dynamic Catholics are proud and inspired. The Church has made incredible social and spiritual contributions: we bring life to communities and provide physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual support everyday to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Our Education and healthcare systems are examples, but most people ignore the Church’s role in so many lives.  Ordinary Catholics should be proud and inspired about their faith!

Jesus’ twelve apostles got inspired and changed the world after Pentecost. We need another Pentecost to inspire Catholics.  Dynamic Catholics are proud about Catholicism regardless of events in their parishes, the latest Church scandal, and the historical distortion and abuse of Catholicism.

Morale is low among most Catholics, the Dynamic Catholics evangelize passively, they describe the challenge of overcoming their comfort zone, and claim initial Evangelization was anxious and awkward.  Research has shown Prayer and Study develop Generosity, which  eases Evangelization.



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