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Pride is the sin of sins. It was this sin, which transformed Lucifer into Satan, the devil for whom Hell was created. It was also the sin of pride committed by Adam and Eve that introduced death and suffering into the world. “Pride is the commencement of all sin,” wrote St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430).  The serpent which first introduced Eve to this sin of pride was Satan himself, eager to share his condemnation with others.

The sin of pride is an excessive preoccupation with self. For example, let us consider the motif in knowledge pursuit.  It is good to study hard because the Lord wants it ― obedience to God.  It is also good to study hard because we want to help people ― love for others. However, it is bad to study hard solely to become experts in our fields.  The focus is the student ― personal glory ― and that’s pride.  Knowledge for personal glory will lead to pride and enmity against God and neighbor.

The sin of pride is foremost among the seven “deadly sins,” because it is the “sin of the devil.” We should examine how pride manifests itself in our thoughts and lives to replace it with the heavenly virtue of HUMILITY.

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