Prophetic Events


The four excerpts in italic originated from the message of the Blessed Mother to The Little Pebble on March 12, 2017.


“Blessings to you, My gentle son! Evil rages and attacks Our true Prophets – just as he is doing to you at this time – because God’s Word is reaching millions of Our children – even those who have drifted far away from the Loving Arms of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

Jesus warned about a personal attack as Satan attacked true prophets. He is unsuccessfully trying to block the word of God which is reaching millions of people.  Thanks to God!

Refer to the Satan Package.


“Be not troubled in heart, My precious son, for the Evil One cannot harm you. The current persecution you are receiving will be turned over to good and many souls will see that you are My Chosen Prophet for the End Times, just as Heaven has sent other Prophets to speak God’s Words of salvation.”

The Little Pebble has been a target of relentless defamation. Libel has reached my desk and I have advised the authors to restrain till the Warning Coming Soon when God might reveal, upon request, the truth behind The Little Pebble.


“Children, the events in Rome in My Divine Son’s House – with a Great Division and Schism – will come soon; Bishop against Bishop; Priest against Priest. The War of the Kingdom of Heaven and of Hell, will rage and this, too, will divide the Kingdoms on Earth.”

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide the church till Christ’s Second Coming. Catholics should ask the Holy Spirit for His Seven Gifts and Nine Charisms, amid a schismatic Church, to fight The Great Spiritual War.  Our parish is currently conducting a Life in the Spirit seminar.

Refer to the Gifts Package and the Charisms Package.


“The War of the great Super Powers will be in full swing, once you see the Northern Sky alight, with the Super Borealis. This will be your sign to prepare your household, for the Warning will follow not long after.”

The Spirit of God has commanded me to prepare a Warning Package. Click on its hyperlink to retrieve the package.


Click below to access the Blessed Mother’s full message to The Little Pebble.

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