Sins against the Holy Spirit Package


I penned distinctly the complementary articles Man Thirsty of God and the ensuing Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.  “Bring souls to Me,” told the Holy Spirit.

Perplexed and astonished, I was a melancholic sinner lacking formal theological background for evangelization. No Lord, there are people suitable for evangelization and I’m unfit and unworthy to serve You.  “I want you, but you’re free to repudiate Me,” confirmed the Spirit of God.

Then I reminisced about the reverence to the Holy Spirit I had learned in The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, where I was born. I realized I could risk eternal salvation ― The Meaning of Life ― and therefore I replied I surrender to You Lord.  “Come Holy Spirit” and “Surrender to the Holy Spirit” are capital expressions of reverence to the Comforter, who appreciates commitment, action and attainment.

Click the following links  in descending order.

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

Sins against the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit’s Pardon

Obedience to the Holy Spirit

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