Blessed Mother and Meaning of Life






Excerpts of the Virgin Mary’s message to a prominent seer on December 1993

“My children must not fear man, but fear the loss of his soul – for what is man, My sweet children? Is man above God? What control does man have – what power? Is this power above the Eternal Father, Who Created you? I ask all My children not only to pray and do penance but to consider, seriously, what you are doing in your lives. For what reasons are you doing what you are doing? Live your lives each day, My sweet children, as if it were your last day on this Earth. Be careful, because Satan desires to take you away from the path of Truth! Be strong, My sweet children, and do not fear! Even though the world will hate you, remember: they hated My Divine Son first and if you are a follower of My Divine Son you must take up your cross, be patient and endure all that the Eternal Father permits in your lives.”

“My Divine Son and I Love you. We are always there to protect you – to guide you. Remember, My sweet children, that you have but a few years left in your lives, on this Earthly life that now exists and soon, all will pass away! 

“To the Apostles and Disciples of My Immaculate Heart: remain firm! Have confidence in My Immaculate Heart and do not waver with the temptations that will come your way, for the faith of many will be tested in the coming years! Defend My Divine Son, Jesus – even with your lives, if necessary. Forget not My Rosary! – for this was fashioned for My children to fight Satan! It is a ‘sword of victory’, My sweet children! Look, and you will see!”




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