Spiritual Fitness


You can read pertinent excerpts of a message given by the Blessed Mother to a preeminent seer on May 18, 2017.

People flock gyms to get physically fit. Now it is the definite time to flock churches to get spiritually fit.

We must take spiritual weaponry for defense against Satan and The Antichrist because The Great Spiritual War is fast approaching.


“The world at this time is heading for many tribulations, for the world must be purified, because of the many grave sins committed by man, for Satan is tempting all of Our children, because time at this moment is very serious for mankind. Satan desires to remove Our children, so that they cannot bear witness to My Divine Son, so man will continue to go into darkness. It is for this reason, My children, My children, I came to Fatima one hundred years ago to three little children. The Message of Fatima, My children, is very vital at this moment in time, because the Secrets of Fatima will now unfold before your eyes – especially the Last Secret. This Secret has been revealed to many Seers throughout the world, because Holy Mother Church did not reveal all of it. Men will be plunged into great sorrow soon, especially in the country of North Korea and also in Europe and the Middle East, My children. Men do not realize how serious these moments are. Only prayer, sacrifice and penance will save the world, before it is plunged into deep sorrow.”

“The Eternal Father is Merciful and patient. However, My children, you forget that He is also a Just God – He forgives all. But My children must desire it. They must come to My Divine Son in Confession, to cleanse their souls and their hearts, because they must live lives of holiness and purity and faithfulness. Go to My Divine Son. Receive Him often in the Eucharist, for that is your strength. Forgive your brothers and sisters. Be merciful and loving to all, just as My Divine Son, Jesus, is with you.”

“I have come to the world thousands of times, dear children, to bring the Word of My Divine Son, Jesus, to the world. Repent and be ready, for Jesus will soon come to open up your conscience to reveal to you your inner selves, and to prepare you for the times of the greatest of sorrows – the unleashing of the reign of the Antichrist within the Church and within the world, where the One World Government will be established and the One world Religion. This does not come from God – this comes from Satan, who desires to rule the hearts of men, to take them away from My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“We have given you the solution to your world, dear children, and that is prayer. Take up My Beads of Love – My Holy Rosary – because this prayer will crush the head of Satan, as promised in the Book of Genesis. My Heel will crush him, and you are this Heel, My dear children, The Army of Mary, the Remnant Church of the End Times.”

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  1. Olá, sou agrónomo mas muito interessado em assuntos que são abordados no seu website.
    Tenho tentado aplicar o que vejo na página no meu negócio com resultados muito positivos.
    Agradeço-lhe pelos seus artigos e desejo-lhe boa sorte.

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