Pride versus Arrogance



Pride is the state of holding yourself or another in high esteem, whereas Arrogance is insulting thinking or behaving from believing you are superior to other people.

Pride and arrogance are emotional states with subtle differences. Prevent and avoid arrogance learning the differences between them and keep pride reasonably bounded.

Proud people are confident because they are masters of their profession, but arrogant people often cover their doubts and inabilities.

Proud people generally control their thoughts and talk wisely, while arrogant people fear loss and use strong, impressive language.

Proud people defend equal treatment while arrogant people defend their superiority.

Proud people work hard for success while arrogant people generally seek opportunity.

Proud people praise teamwork while arrogant people take credit for themselves.

Proud people know themselves while arrogant people do not.

Proud people consider opinions while arrogant people reject criticism.

Proud people do not need to impress whereas arrogant people urge to impress.

Proud people adjust to any organization while arrogant people prefer hierarchical to organic systems.


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