Pride versus Arrogance






Pride is the state of holding one’s self or another in high esteem, whereas Arrogance is an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people.

Pride and arrogance: there are two different emotional states divided by a thin line. Prevent and avoid arrogance learning the subtle differences between pride and arrogance, and keep pride within reasonable boundary.

Proud people are always confident because they are usually masters of their profession. Arrogant people often use their arrogance to cover their doubts and inability to cope with tasks.

Proud people always can control their thoughts and talk wisely from their own experience. Arrogant people fear loss and likely use strong language to make an impression.

Proud people think all people deserve equal treatment while arrogant people think they are better than others.

Proud people look at hard work as their way to success while arrogant people are generally opportunity seekers.

Proud people always praise their team while arrogant people want to take all the credits for the job.

Proud people really know themselves well while people arrogant don’t.

Proud people wisely consider other people’s opinions while arrogant people can’t stand any criticism.

Proud people don’t have a need to impress anybody while arrogant people have a constant urge to do so.

Proud people can work well in just any organization while arrogant people work best only in hierarchical systems and poorly in organic systems.




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