The complete narrative seems legitimate, and does not need any commentary. However, I had to live with a drug pusher and also had a near death experience, factors that may help me to supplement the video.

First, I had never consumed illicit drugs, despite being bullied and harassed for a long period by a drug pusher in the military. He targeted me and kept the hope he would get me someday.  I saw other comrades concede to his advances, but I remained firm in part because I had read a book about illicit drugs.  I do encourage parents to explain to their adult children the harm that illicit drugs cause to people, and the schemes that drug pushers use to get teenagers in drugs.

The video narrator had a near death experience because of a drug overdose. I hope his detailed story may help some youngsters to avoid drugs and move closer to God.  Yes, I believe he told the whole truth, but I’m surprised he did not indicate that in the supernatural realm we lose the notion of time, as we experience it on Earth.

I was about to drown, to the point of losing the notion of time and feeling my body weightless, as if my soul was about to leave it, and contrary to the narrator, I experience indescribable pure harmony that we cannot enjoy in this world. Yes, I was about to gain instantaneously supernatural knowledge and wisdom far surpassing their natural counterparts. I knew I was going to die, would not mind to die, but was rescued before my soul departed my body.  It was not my time to die!

God has created us and He will call us to the supernatural realm. We must remain in this valley of tears united to our creator and wait until He calls us.  We should seek mental health care if we unfortunately get suicidal thoughts.

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