Philippines: The Light of Asia



The Philippines will become the Catholic Center in the End Times.


The Philippines is the only Roman Catholic and Christian nation in Asia. Many Christian leaders say the country is strategically located to take the gospel to other regions of Asia.  Missionaries have described visions of the Philippines as a “flaming sword” of the Holy Spirit touching Asian countries.

Christian leaders in the Philippines say it is not a coincidence the country is the only Christian nation in Asia. They believe it is their divine call to take the Gospel to the closed countries of Asia. Ray Corpus, head of the Philippines Missions Alliance, believes the Philippines must shine the light of Christ because, “There’s so much darkness in Asia.”

The Philippines Missions Alliance oversees more than 100 mission agencies, and Corpus believes God will use the Philippines as a missionary launching pad to the rest of Asia.  Corpus believes the flexibility of Filipinos will enable them to spread the Gospel under different conditions. “I believe the Philippines can play a major role because we are multilingual, we can sleep on the floor, the couch, or in 5-star hotels,” he said.  “I believe God will manifest his power through this nation.  Our economy will grow to finance God’s missionary work,” affirmed Corpus.

In her book, The Filipinos as Apostles for the Last Days, Dr. Sonia Zaide says the Philippines has been described as the “light of Asia”. Dr. Zaide calls it “remarkable” how God has used the Philippines unique cultural heritage to be “apostles for the last days.”  She cites the Spaniards who brought Catholicism to the nation in the 15th century, and Americans who brought education later. Dr. Zaide feels the gospel seeds America planted in the Philippines will now bear fruit in neighboring lands. “I believe the coming of Americans was a part of the Great Awakening — when they began distributing Bibles in the Philippines it was not an accident,” she said.

So, Corpus challenges worldwide believers: “God has never given the church such a tremendous time, and I believe we are also staging a war against Apostasy. God will open doors of opportunities for Christians through believers who are serious to say, ‘Yes Lord, I’m going to be a light for the world.’”  We have about 3,000 Filipino missionaries, 900 serving in other countries, and the Philippine Missions Association expects 5,000 new missionaries in 2020.


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