Israel and the New World Order


Satan is powerful but only God is omnipotent.  Never fight with Satan or any other demon, including The Antichrist.  Always avoid Satan, his angels and disciples ― avoid evil is the rule of thumb.  Never participate in any satanic cult, even for curiosity, because it killed the cat.  Refer to the article Victim of Satanic Cult.

The Antichrist is already instigating with the New World Order (NOW), which controls the media, to involve the United States in World War III.  The Antichrist ― a true man and a true demon, a fallen angel and the Son of Satan ― was born of a Jewish nun, has come from Egypt, and is presently instigating the War of Psalm 83.  Refer to the PSALM 83 Package.

In America, there were Democrats and Republicans, and now has joined to them globalists and patriots.  Globalists would like the NOW and the Antichrist to control the nation whereas patriots claim that Americans should control their national destiny.

The Jewish reporter would discuss the High School shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, in the United States of America.  There are two main causes of the carnage: Satan and Bullying. Satan, who has replaced God in American public schools, promotes bullying and rejoices with carnages.  Refer to the articles Bullying and Return God to School.

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