Thirteenth Letter to the Filipinos


Catholics often refer to the sacrament of Eucharist as the most Holy Sacrament. Yes it represents the sublime love of Christ for Humanity. Some Catholics also refers to the Mass as the Eucharist, because the consecration ― the transformation of bread and wine into Christ ― occurs during the Mass.

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The Mass is the most sublime act we can participate on Earth and Faith is required to believe in the miracle of the Eucharist. Faith ― our compass to Heaven ― is a Theological Virtue we receive in the sacrament of Baptism, and it is absolutely necessary for Spiritual Growth.

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Eucharistic Miracles, such as the Recent Eucharistic Miracle in Poland, have occurred in periods of lacking faith, such as we are living today, with rampant Apostasy. Click on the following link to retrieve the article Recent Eucharistic Miracle in Poland.

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