Twenty First Letter to the Filipinos

Avoidance is the first line of defense against Satan and his disciples, but we must fight against real heinous crimes denoted in the video of the article Victim of Satanic Cult. It is not fiction ― it is Hell on Earth!  Prayer is fundamental on the spiritual realm and law enforcement on the temporal realm.  If the politicians in office do not expel Hell from Earth, we should urgently vote for their replacement.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article Victim of Satanic Cult.

“I had a frightening premonition when I entered the laboratory: my intuition warned me that Satan was around.” A reader of my blog asked me for the rationale of the premonition and I recommend the reader to consult a seasoned exorcist.  I had studied the Nine Charisms later and I can now answer the rationale of my premonition.  It is the Revelation Charism of Discernment!

Click on the following link to retrieve the article Discernment.

I have recently asked the Holy Spirit to grant the Charism of Discernment of Spirits. We should pray to the Spirit of God to grant the charism to His Church, because Satan is dispatching many demons to Earth to attempt the condemnation of souls.

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