Twenty Third Letter to the Filipinos


“However, watch carefully, as I will move the Seat of Peter to a land where it will be safe and the Last Vicar will guide My Church after the Great Cataclysm.”


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I have written to you brethren Filipinos about the Catholic role your nation will fulfill at the End Times. I believe the Message Petrus Romanus received from the Lord hints you about such role.  Petrus Romanus has held many private conversations with the Lord and the future Pope Peter II has assured me he would locate in The Philippines.

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The message indicates that The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience are near. Refer to the code on the Seal of Jacinta of Fatima ― 1972 ― does the code hint February 7, 2019?  My intuition suggests such date which you should not consider a prophecy.  Anyhow, the message the Lord gave to Petrus Romanus prescribes Conversion, Penance and Prayer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I already knew about this as it has been told to me in a message to the late President Marcos in 1972. The Second Word is the Book of Revelation.. Segundo Verbo and this refers to the Philippines. That is why the devil is trying hard to ruin the Church as well as the citizens.

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